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An online protest statement against limited conceptions about what "The Future is..." that disincludes Black women, femmes, transwomen, and girls. The statement recognizes the plurality and quantum nature of the future(s) where Black womxn, femmes, and girls exist and are safe, loved, and valued. Considering the unique, intersectional temporal experiences of Black women and girls and the ways in which we are being actively erased from the objective, linear future, this text, sound, and image series is part of a nonlinear timescape/tapestry/temporal map/toolkit preparing us for the Black womanist, quantum future(s). It is an interactive, open access archive of the temporal technologies Black women, non-binary, gender nonconforming folks, and girls have developed to ensure our quantum future(s) and uncover our ancestral space-time configurations for survival in the present.

This website was created for those who self-identify as Black women, femmes, and girls including gender nonconforming, and non-binary folks who self-identify and/or align with as Black, women, femmes, and girls.  If you are not a Black woman, femme, or girl and you are accessing and using the resources on this site, we request that you make a donation to help ensure the creation and eternal maintenance and nurturing of Black quantum womanist future(s). 


*Please note that the site is not yet optimized for viewing on mobile phones - glitches are unintentional but also part of the aesthetic*

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Black Quantum Futurism

Contributions to from:


Ras Mashramani

 Alisha Wormsley

 Moor Mother 

Sydney Cain

Womanist Working Collective


Project Support Provided by: 

Solitude and ZKM Web Residency Summer 2018 - "Refiguring the Feminist Future" curated by Moreshin Allahyari

Added Velocity which is administered by Temple Contemporary at Tyler  School of Art and Architecture, Temple University and funded by the William Penn Foundation.  


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