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Time Travel Meditation Ritual

How do we prepare to die, prepare to leave?

How do we participate in our own beginning?

When do we collect our past things?
Those things lingering around in our minds.

I  am Building time
a loop station
with my eyes on high reverb and my heart on delay

Things needed:

Blood Water Darkness

All gathered at the root of my stomach

In search of a destination
Which way is home?
How do I get to the beginning?

Only my memory remembers the past
I can sometimes feel it on the back of my neck

chanting symbols

I'm not from this time
this time was not built for me

See, I built my own time
High above everything
Just can't figure out how to get back up there

I've lost track of everything

Can't use they clock
Never seems to be working

Always 2 minutes past
or a quarter till

These minutes and seconds
disappear and reappear with each step who is collecting
on this invisible currency?

by Camae Ayewa - Moor Mother
MMGZ MIXTAPE - Moor Mother



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